Future Plans


What are the future plans of Shared Vision?

Rehabilitation and Education Center

Men waiting for screening To make a more substantial and permanent contribution to the eye care field, Shared Vision was planning a Regional Rehabilitation and Education center for the blind and people with low vision for Western Rajasthan in consultation with experts from the Blind Peoples Association of India (BPA). Now the BPA has taken over all the Shared Vision activities and continues its work.

How your donation can help

The BPA is in urgent need of financial support in order to continue the important work across all its projects. The cost of current and future projects in total seem to be a big sum but every little bit helps. These projects and initiatives really touch people’s lives and in many cases give them a better quality of life. Please open your heart, and donate even a small amount of money. The people of Rajasthan thank you.

If you would like to learn more about us, then please explore the links on this page, where you can find more information about our projects, our success and how to support this work through a donation to the Blind People’s Association (India), https://bpaindia.org/