CAIRN Report

June 7, 2013

Respected All,

As planned, we had aids distribution camp at Batadu on June 9th.
– A team from BPA arrived on June 7th with all the equipments and did fitting at Batadu with support of local staff.
– Considering the remote location, the SharedVision Foundation team arrived on June 8th for necessary arrangements.
– Ms Veronica George from CAIRN India were there for the entire programme. Besides, we had many local representatives including village Sarpanch.
– There were more than 200 people from different villages.
– More than 85 people in all were benefited with different items including – Tricycles, Wheel chairs, Hearing aids, Crutches, Canes, Walkers, Sticks, Artificial upper and lower limbs, Calipers, Knee caps etc.
– Around 80 new people were assessed during the camp for further assistance.

A special case:
A class 9th student who lost his both lower limbs came in June 5th assessment camp, we had measurements and on 9th June we fitted both limbs. He started walking with the help of walker and both artificial limbs.

Please click on the following link  (Report_Aids Distribution camp 9June13) capturing the details.

Thanks and with kind regards.


May 5, 2013

Blind People’s Association (BPA), Ahmedabad together with Shared Vision Foundation (SVF), Jodhpur has been doing survey of disabled population in Baytu block with the help of local workers. After having done the survey work in the project area, a screening camp was planned on May 5, 2013 at village Batadu. General community was made aware about the camp through pamphlets distribution and visiting common places like schools, Panchayat, Anganwadis, PHC centres etc. Local people were contacted for support and publicity.

Report Screentingcamp Batadu 5 May 2013: REPORT_SCREENINGCAMP BATADU

Final Report_CBR Baytu (Barmer) Project.