About Us

Mission and Policy (Beleidsplan)

The mission of Shared Vision is to provide preventive health care services and education to the poorest of the poor in the remote villages of Western Rajasthan in India. Western Rajasthan is one of the poorer areas of India and the people living in the rural countryside have many diseases and conditions that are largely preventable or treatable.

Why does the work of Shared Vision make a difference?

The foundation, set up in 2003, grew out of concern for the old and blind people of Western Rajasthan with visible evidence of poverty, malnutrition and associated diseases and conditions. We have found that one of the most fundamental life-influencing impairments – and one of the easiest to remedy – in this population is the gift of sight.

Stichting Shared Vision provides corrective eyeglasses or eye-surgery (or both) to men, women and children so their vision can be improved, and they can learn and work, or return to work. This improves their quality of life tremendously. The program is called The Mobile Refraction Clinic (MRC). The “seed money” to start the program was donated by Cordaid and Eye Care Worldwide in The Netherlands.

Income generation / fund raising

Stichting Shared Vision gains income and raises funds through generous donations from individuals, foundations, businesses, and institutions. Various international donors and volunteers kindly provide their time, relevant material donations (e.g. spectacle frames), and monetary resources for this non-profit organization.

Management and spending of funds

All funds raised are solely used for program delivery towards the above mission and related expenses. Stichting Shared Vision holds its funds in current account and savings bank accounts. No funds are invested.

Key Executives

Chairman of the board

Mr. Alexander Shivananda
Chairman Emeritus: Dr. Shiva Shivananda

Members of the board


Dr. Geert van Etten
Dr. Henk van Slooten
Mr. Gerard Beunk MSc
Dr. Jeremy D. Bangs
Mr. Nicolaas van Wijk

All the board members are professionals from various fields, such as public health, medicine, finance, management consulting, notary and history.

Remuneration policy (Beloningsbeleid): Board members receive no payments for their work on the foundation projects. It is all volunteer work.

Stichting Shared Vision – A Dutch Foundation

President Kennedylaan 188
2343 GW Oegstgeest, The Netherlands

Telephone : +31 (0)71 – 517 13 72
E mail: alex.shivananda@gmail.com

Shared Vision is registered in the Netherlands as an ANBI (Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling or Public Benefit Organisation) charity (Nr JJ/2003.007.4201) with RSIN/Fiscaal nummer 8213.18.407. The Chamber of Commerce registration number is 28098420.