Annual Report 2010

Stichting Shared Vision – Annual Report 2010


Stichting Shared Vision is a Dutch Foundation based in Oegstgeest. It is registered with the Dutch tax authorities as a non-profit charitable NGO and at the Kamer van Koophandel voor Den Haag–(Dossiernummer: 28098420).

Its principal mission is to provide preventive health care services to the village people of Western Rajasthan (India). It serves a population of nearly 2 million in the Jodhpur District of this area.

Financial support for the work of the Foundation in –2010– has come from:

  1. Visio-International-Huizen
  2. Stichting Tot Verbetering Van Het Lot Der Blinden in Nederland-Huizen
  3. Rotterdam Vereniging Blindenbelangen—Rotterdam
  4. Cordaid-Den Haag
  5. And individual donors in Oegstgeest.


In 2010—the Foundation activity was focused on:

  1. Prevention of blindness through early diagnosis & treatment of visually impaired by holding Eye Camps in the village population though—an outreach program called the Mobile Refraction Clinic (MRC).
  2. Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) of visually handicapped and people with multiple disabilities.
  3. Capacity building to establish a Low Vision program.
  4. Program development, program management and program monitoring, evaluation & quality control.

Mobile Refraction Clinic

Under this program our Foundation has held 4 Eye Camps in 2010 in the months of April, July, Pachpadra and Keru. Poverty and remoteness of villages from the City of Jodhpur were the two principal criteria for selection of Camp location. In these Caps 3785 people were examined for visual impairment. Of this 2832 were give new eye glasses. Diagnostic and treatment were prescribed by an Eye surgeon and ophthalmic assistant who were physically present at the Camps.

Attachment 1 provides detailed report on Camp location, the age, sex and cast distribution of the population served, diagnostic classification of the refractory disorders by age & sex, no. operated for cataracts, and the cost & charges associated with each Camp.

The reports are prepared by our staff person—Shiv Kumar Soni—who was responsible for the organization & management of these Camps. Supervision of the Eye Camps program and its financial control was provided by a charitable Trust of the Maharaja of Jodhpur at a service charge of € 2.000 in 2010.

Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) program

We visited Bhopalgarh bloc of the Jodhpur District in November 2009. This is one of the poorest parts of the District. Our observation of a sample of the families of disabled people—living in this area showed that they carry a heavy burden of poverty and illiteracy. No government organization has paid attention to the improvement of life the disabled people –through education, job-training and medical support. The village leadership does not even know how many disabled people are in this area, what their household condition is and what disabilities they have.

Baseline Disability Data

To address the need for this very baseline data, the field staff of our Foundation (under the leadership of PK Gupta) conducted a household survey to identify the disabled people, assess the nature of their disability through classification such as visual impairment (VI), orthopedic handicap (OH), hearing impairment (HI), mental retardation (MR), mentally ill (MI), multiple disability (MD), and cerebral palsy (CP).

The survey was carried out in 2010. It found a total of 3232 disabled people in a population of 300.000 in the Bhopalgarh Bloc. Their age & sex and distribution and disability by classification are shown in Table.

Using these data we commissioned PK Gupta to prepare a Project Proposal to organize a CBR program for the disabled people in these villages. It was submitted it to CORDAID in Den Haag for discussion and possible funding.

Project subsidy

After several visits to the area by a CORDAID consultant, and project revision at his advice– the proposal was approved and funded by the CORDAID in July 2010.

CBR is a 3 year project that started in September 2010 and will end in August 2013. Under the agreement signed- CORDAID will finance it at € 130.220 for 3 yrs. And Stichting Shared Vision-Nederland will subsidize it at € 67.159. This means that 51% of the cost of project operation will be met by our Foundation. Please see attachment on project subsidy by CORDAID.

BPA (Blind Peoples Association-Ahmedabad) is our principal partner in this project and the subsidy by CORDAID is channeled through this organization.

Visit of Julie Love to Jodhpur

Mw. Julie Love of CORDAID visited Jodhpur and Bhopalgarh in October 2010. The aim was to observe –first-hand—the condition of the disabled people living in this area and see the efficacy of the project operation. She also met PK Gupta, all the CBR field staff and the Board of Trustees of the Shared Vision Foundation-India in Jodhpur. Her observations of her visit to the project area are shown in the attached letter.

Client Organization of Disabled people

Since her visit –and under encouragement from Hans Welling of VISIO-International—we advised our field staff (under the leadership PK Gupta) to create a “Client Organization of Disabled People.” This organization is now functioning. We attended one meeting of this organization during our visit in November 2010. It is a vibrant and active advocacy organization. The aim is to represent the problems of disabled people to the Rajasthan state government. We hope that the visible results shown by the work of our Foundation will eventually lead to government support and project sustainability–beyond the 3 year life of the current subsidy.

Capacity building to set-up a low vision program

Diagnosis, treatment and the provision of rehabilitation services to the people with low vision is a totally new field in Rajasthan. Eye surgeons, optometrists, ophthalmic assistants and the NGOs managing blind schools know that this problem exists. But none of them have taken any initiative to do anything about it.

To address this problem, our Foundation has held 4 community based workshops over the past 3 years. These workshops brought together Low Vision specialists from the Venu Eye Institute in Delhi, BPA experts from Ahmedabad, Eye surgeons from Jodhpur, representatives of the Sight-savers International and the leadership of all the three Blind Schools in Jodhpur.

As a follow-up to these workshops we took Karel de Vries from Visio-Leiden to Jodhpur in November 2010. He stayed there for 4 weeks—until 16 December and met all the relevant stakeholders such as the leadership of 3 eye hospitals, visited blind schools in Jodhpur, went to Venu Eye Institute in Delhi and conducted an active program of diagnostic education and assessment of children at a blind school. He worked actively with PK Gupta to show him how to set-up a low vision program and the amount of physical space needed for such a project.

His report of his observations is attached to this report as Exhibit 1. Following- this visit we have prepared a project proposal to set-up a 3 year Low Vision program in the Jodhpur area—effective April 2011. This proposal is presented as Exhibit 2.

It calls for a budget of € 141.188 for a 3 year period starting in March 2011 –when Karel de Vries will again visit Jodhpur to help organize and inaugurate the project.

Program management, program monitoring, evaluation

The Board of Management of Stichting Shared Vision-Nederland met in January and September 2010. In the January meeting decision was taken to appoint PK Gupta as head of the Jodhpur operations of our Foundation.

Appointment of PK Gupta

In January 2010 we appointed PK Gupta as representative of our Foundation work in Western Rajasthan. He has worked with the BPA and Sight Savers International in India as consultant in the field of visually disabled and Community based rehabilitation for the disabled. He came to us highly recommended by Bhushan Punani—the Executive Director of the BPA in Ahmedabad. We gave him a salary of INR 45.000 per month. This comes to € 750 per month at the current rate of exchange of — € 1=60 INR (Indian rupees).

Since his appointment he has done the following:

  • Organization & management of CBR program (verslag on the achievement of CBR in 2010 is attached as Exhibit). This is written by PK Gupta.
  • Training of field workers at BPA in Ahmedabad in the CBR work and their supervision in work performance.
  • Registration of Shared Vision Foundation—India as a legal entity in the State of Rajasthan. This included formation of Board of Management and producing a legal document for its registration.
  • Organization & management of 4 Eye Camps in the village areas of the Jodhpur District.
  • Creating a framework to organize a Low Vision program. This has included consultations with the Jain Hospital in Jodhpur, the Palliwal Hospital, and visit to Bhandari Hospital(s), the Lions Club and look at other rental properties appropriate for the location of this project.
  • This search has been now completed and a property has been found on the outskirts of Jodhpur. (See photos & Karel de Vries verslag).Shared Vision Foundation-India will move to this location in March-April of 2011. The low Vision program will be located at this Center.
  • Henk van Slooten & S. Shivananda—Board members of the Shared Vision Foundation-Nederland –went to Jodhpur at mid-November-2010. Program monitoring, evaluation & quality control was the aim of this visit. We also took Karel de Vries and Gerarad Smith—Oogarts –representing Lions Club-Holland–Blindness Prevention program with us.
  • Our findings showed that CBR program is functioning well. PKGupta has done a good of its organization & management. This included recruitment of field workers and their proper training to work in this field at BPA in Ahmedabad. Our contact with these workers, visit to Bhopalgarh and meeting with some disabled persons –the beneficiaries of this program –confirms Julie Love’s observations that the project is well implemented.
  • To evaluate the functioning of the Eye Camps program, we attended an Eye Camp organized by our Foundation staff in a market town of Pachpadra in the Barmer District of the Jodhpur Division. At this Camp 923 persons were screened for visual impartment. Diagnosis of their visual problems was made by 2 ophthalmic assistants and 2 Eye surgeons who were present at these Camps. More complete report on this Camp is given in the MRC exhibit presented with this verslag. Large attendance at these Camps by the village people is an indication of high prevalence of visual impartment in this population. This is an effective program in blindness control and it is clear that a program like this makes an important contribution to the visual health of the people of this area.

We wish to continue this program if we can obtain financial subsidy from a donor organization in the Netherlands.

  • During our visit we also met with the Board of Directors of our newly established Shared Vision Foundation-India. Members of this Board are highly educated and well-connected individuals representing local Chamber of Commerce, a Management Institute, BPA-Ahmedabad and Defense industry scientists. We also met representatives of the local Lions Club, Sight Savers International for India, leadership of 3 Eye Hospitals, Maharaja Gaj Singh of Jodhpur—who is Patron of our NGO– and the general manager of his charitable Trust who has supervised our Eye Camp program for the past 7 years.
  • Our overall impression is that the program of our Foundation is well received and is an important contribution to visual health and improvement of the life-condition of the disabled people of this area. It should continue with donor subsidy from the Netherlands for the next 3 years. And, within this period sustainability should be found from the resources of the state government of Rajasthan and other NGOs with large international funding.